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15 New Videos - Prospect

posted Jul 13, 2012, 9:47 AM by Ken Goodman   [ updated Jul 13, 2012, 9:51 AM ]
Prospect is known as a beautiful seaside hiking destination, and was one of the early areas developed for bouldering in Nova Scotia. Most of us remember if fondly for the scenic days of chill bouldering it provided when we were new to climbing...

Bouldering development exploded around Halifax with the establishment of world class problems (even if nobody believes us) in high quality areas such as Dover, Grover, LOC, West Pennant, Terrance Bay etc.

We recently made a trip back prospect, and sadly, climbing on sandbagged low-ball amorphous problems with no holds has lost some of it's former splendour. The resulting videos however are fun as they display some of the ugliest climbing CNSmobeta has featured to date. The grades for this area have been heavily revised. Don't take our word for it - go forth and flail!

Back Breaker V0 
Watch Your Back V0 
Primordial Ooze V0 
Seeing Double V1 
Evil Twins V2
Center Deck SDS V2+ 
Sean's Problem V2 SDS 
Corn Flakes V3 SDS 
Having Twins V3+ 
Center Toe Jam V4+ 
Fishing girls SDS V5 
Ribbit V5 
Sang De Dragon V6
Winnebago Etiquette V6 SDS