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Flexible Demeanour

posted May 20, 2019, 12:03 PM by Mick Levin
It's been a big season of Pokemon catching at Mobeta, with yet another formally unrepeated Ghislain problem captured on video this weekend. Bring The Pain (V8) at Satellite might be as quintessentially a Nova Scotian slopey topout as you can get. Thanks to Zig for his vision and to Dr. Quinn for cracking the beta on this rig... which I did not admit to myself until I had tried several other methods unsuccessfully. While this problem is perhaps not likely to draw crowds, it climbs quite well and really does test a specific skill set needed for many other granite blocs elsewhere.

Bring The Pain is named for an awful tiny crystal that Zig used for his left hand. To avoid having to touch that nastiness, I employed a technique I like to use known as the "Poltergeist". Poltergeisting is where you rotate your palms so your fingers point down to give you more skin on the rock during a desperate mantle. If done correctly, it looks like your arms are twisting around in their sockets as though possessed by a demon - but as you can see it's pretty effective.