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More Sendage

posted Nov 10, 2012, 6:24 PM by Ken Goodman   [ updated Nov 10, 2012, 7:26 PM ]

Send Reports

Bouldering season is in full swing and we are finally seeing a respite in the wet weather. Nova Scotia climbers are flocking to the boulders, packing as much climbing as possible into these precious days. Lots of news on the challenges front. 

Craig Stamp and David Quinn set out to take advantage of the crisp November temps and added two new assassins to the list for Joey Ramone. Quinn achieved LOC in 3 - Gold (105 V-points) during the session that included Laundromat, Joey Ramone, Nouveau Riche, and Corn and Bung. Stamps achieved LOC in 3 - Silver with 69 V-points on a injured foot!

Joey Lyons did a similar circuit adding stops at Memorial, Eggs, and Gross Poisson for LOC in 3 - Gold with an impressive 125 V-points. Time to set your sights on LOC in 3 - Platinum! (still a project)

New Challenges

Several new challenges have been added including two from Rich LaPaix who isn't willing to sit back and let boulderers have all the fun. "First Face Pace" challenges climbers to lead 10 routes at first face in a day, and "Main Face Race" challenges a team of 2 to lead 20 pitches at Main Face in a day. 

Chris Burns challenges climbers to "Ménage a Trois" (you and the sisters) which requires climbers to send every problem at the Twin Sisters in a day. Considering it was a decade between sends on 4am, this is a serious task. For the rest of us, there is "Ménage a Trois - Lite" which excludes the daunting 4am.

While everyone is assasinating Joey Ramone and Ménageing the Sisters, don't forget about the "Scrappy Scuffle" - send everything at Scrappy Boulders in a single session (including Hood Star and Heuvos Grande which were not in "Halifax Bouldering"). Don't worry about doing Black Tower - that thing is unrepeated for good reason.

Top 6@6 has been tweaked slightly, so that all climbs are on the mainland and accessible for projecting year round.