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New FA - Undertaker Project at Tombstone Area

posted Apr 21, 2013, 7:34 PM by David Quinn   [ updated Apr 21, 2013, 7:34 PM by Ken Goodman ]
Luke Buxton has snagged the FA of the super bold, intimidating, long-standing, old school project at the Tombsone area. Luke is sticking with the very fitting project name and calling his line Undertaker. Suggested grade V6 R. No video yet - the guys were more occupied with lifesaving pad placements for the FA. Check out Luke's send report for details:

The good news is, after a couple sessions and much mental, a beautiful and sunny Sunday the 21st of April, at approximately 4:05pm Mike Kholer and Luke Buxton managed to pull off the first complete ascents (climbing all the way to the tippy top) of the famous oldschool scare-fest project, "Undertaker" at Tombstone boulders.

The bad news is, it turns out "Undertaker" is not a REAL fighter! He's just an actor!!! He's only pretending to be dangerous! Intimidating for sure, but waaaaaaaay more bark than bite. -- So I guess that's good news, but a little disappointing he can't kill you with his "tombstone" pile-driver

Ok, so it's still not wise to underestimate him, but seriously, we only came away with a few scrapes and bloody rashes from the tree. No concussions or broken ankles. 

There is technical crimping and footwork for the first section climbing the face, but the crux is definitely the last 2-3 scary moves on the insecure slopey arete with shitty feet and poor friction for hands while trying to gain the top. We scrubbed it and found it safest to drape a pad over tombstone behind it to protect our noggins, but it didn't really matter in the end, as all we ever hit when slipping off the top moves over and over was the tree. Luke managed to get the FA, and then Mike got second ascent almost immediately after. It's all freshly scrubbed, so the temps and clean rock should be taken advantage of if your interested in giving it a go. It climbed surprisingly well, with really nice movement and technical footwork throughout. woohoo! feeling good.

Undertaker is the longstanding R-rated face climb indicated by number 3.