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Very Little Gravitas Indeed

posted May 12, 2019, 6:22 AM by Mick Levin
Like most bouldering areas, Thoughtful Spot has a handful of classics, and lots of lichen encrusted seldom-repeated problems. It gets thankfully few visitors, owing to the cryptic and often wet approach, pervasive blackflies, and relatively sharp rock that limits many sessions to five attempts or less. For those with the intestinal fortitude to suffer these minor inconveniences, you will be rewarded with a high-density playground. 

New climbers will enjoy the moves on Sandbag Corner (v3) and Sean's Belt (v4), folks who have been training a bit can try their hand at Macho Man Randy Savage (v6) or Air Bud (v7), and harder lines like Trespassers Will (v10) and Old Soul (v10) tempt the glory seekers. Word on the street is that there are double digit projects ripe for the plucking too...

I can't get enough of Thoughtful Spot lately, so cash me outside trying to finish the rest of the awesome lines out there and document them for Mobeta before the bugs eat me alive.