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You'll Thank Me Later

posted Oct 25, 2018, 7:45 AM by Mick Levin
I have been climbing for more than a decade, and from time to time I work harder at getting better. I will climb more, eat healthy, and do some exercises. Sometimes those changes result in improvement, but usually not. At some point I generally lose interest and/or get injured. Like many climbers, I have been plateaued for a long time and I thought that some problems and grades were just unattainable for me.

I used to throw myself at boulder projects if I could almost do even a single move on them. I would grind away and slowly put it all together over months or years. I managed to do a lot of the classics in Nova Scotia this way, but some still seemed impossible. One of those impossible lines was Man Overboard.

A year ago I started a new program that has changed the way I think about training and what is possible for me. The last time I tried Man Overboard was probably 5 years ago, and I could do only one of the moves; the short pop from a jug to the lip. This season I did Man Overboard on my first attempt... and it felt easy.

Thank you to my past-self for putting in all that time and effort. Present-self promises to keep working hard to see what future-self is capable of.