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Crystal Crescent Beach - IMAX Area

   IMAX is arguably the best novice bouldering area in the province. With upwards of a dozen high quality easy-ish problems, featured climbing (there are actually HOLDS), less sharp rock than the rest of the coast, and beautiful scenery it is well worth the 40 minute trek.

1. Easy V0
Lots of lowball variations to get the skin warmed up

2. Easier V0 SDS
Climb the left leaning crack

3. Cyclops V1 SDS
Crimp up into the quartz dish and top out.

4. Supercalafragalisticextrafreakingcrimpy V3 SDS 
Use your fingernails to scurry up the tiny edges. "Fun". Variations abound.

5. No Pants Party V0 SDS
Climb the left leaning crack.

6. Barehug V1 SDS 
Hug your way up the pillar and up over the top to the right avoiding the left jamcrack.

7. Spread 'Em V1 SDS 
Chimney up into the overhang and top out the bulge. The most fun you can have at IMAX with your pants on.

8. Go Froggy Go! V4 
Rounded and bulging arete.

9. Twin Cracks V3 SDS 
Up between the cracks or climb each individually.

10. LA Smoked V0
Straight up good features.

11. LA Burn V1 SDS 
Sit at the right end of the leaning flake and climb it. (Var. "LA Crash V2" exits the crack early for spicy topout over the lip.)

12. LA Crash V2 SDS
About halfway along LA Burn, reach for the top and exit for a classic Nova Scotia topout experience.

13. Meander V0
Up slab right to left.

14. Crank V5 SDS 
Use crimps to boulder out overhang.

15. Iron Cross V2 SDS 
Left to right traverse, topping out after the far right crack. Fantastic!

16. Iron Liver V3 SDS 
Straight up the center.

17. Iron Lung V1 SDS
Right to left traverse.

14. Whale Snatch V4 
Running start, plant left foot on left slab, hop to right foot on vertical wall and jump to the jug. This problem alone is worth the hike.