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Dover - Solarium Area

Wide angle overview of the Solarium area

1. Community Service V9
Thin and technical right-to-left traverse along parallel horizontal seams and top out as for Todd's Slopey Forehead. (FA Nick Sagar 2003)

2. Your Worst Enemy V3 SDS 
Up rails to awkard TO.

3. White Rabbit V4 SDS 
Up crimps. Finish left or right.

4. Short Man's Dyno V4 SDS 
Short dyno from edges to lip.

5. Todd's Slopey Forehead V3 SDS
Climb obvious left arete to scary, sloping topout. Feels hard for the grade.

6. Air Force One V1 
Up left hand face to bulge topout. Var. Begin as for Air America, but follow seams up and right to broken corner - V0.

7. Iceberg V1 
Traverse then TO block


Cassidy's Prow V6
Used to go up corner and bust over prow, but prow was reclaimed by the sea in 2009. Used to be a classic, now it's a turd. Getting old sucks.
David Quinn,
Jun 17, 2015, 12:46 PM
David Quinn,
Jun 17, 2015, 12:46 PM