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Dover - Exciter Area

Wide angle view of the Exciter Area

1. Acrobat V8 SDS
Traverse left on the seam under the roof then bust out to lip. (FA G. Losier 2003)

2. Spankey's Face V1
Climb face / corner

3. Spankey's Arete V3
Start with LH crimp / RH arete. SDS is V4.

4. Grabba Slabba V1
Up slab.

5. Ocean Commotion V11+ SDS
Starts on slopey sidepulls on lip and used to rely on a block inside for feet which has been removed by the ocean. Probably impossible/smizzle project. (Original FA G. Losier 2006)

6. John Does Jane V3
Rightmost rib. The worst of the bunch.

7. Jane Does John V2 
Ascend the middle dihedral. Borders on enjoyable but difficult to protect.

8. Jane Doe V4
Climb the technical face. Very good.

9. I hate the twist V3
Up crimpy face.

9.5 Invisifoot V4
Climb the face on the right of Bower's Tower.

10. Bowser's Tower V3
Up high corner. Very good but not as exciting as it used to be because of the top block that has washed away. It's all relative.

11. John Doe V4
Beautiful technical moves up dead-vertical face. Committing move from a small foot, feels very exposed. Wonderful.

12. Decepticon V7
Climb overhanging face 3m right of Exciter.

13. Exciter V7
Left hand crimp, right hand undercling/pinch on right arete, pull a heel on and make cool moves into highstep crux, then up face using both aretes. Proud send. 

14. Exciter SDS V 10/11
Sit start from under roof on multiple powerful compression moves into Exciter. Super awesome. (FA G. Losier 2003)

15. The Wind Through the Key Hole V9
Crimpy face and right arete. (FA Ben Smith 2014)

16. Nick's Slab
Up the high arching slab. Ill advised. FA Nick Sagar

17. Pocket Pool V1
Up rather tall knobby face opposite the left side of Exciter.
David Quinn,
Apr 18, 2015, 7:04 AM