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Dover - Orgasmatron Wall

1. Blacksmith V9
Dyno or move statically (abet for a lower grade V6) from lower seam to top out. (FA Ghislain Losier 2004)

2. Orgasmatron V0
Layback the offwidth corner. Arguably the best V0 in NS. 

3. The Third Whale V7
Climb improbably blank face left of Orgasmatron.

4. The High Plateau V1
Up arching crack on slab. Must not fall.

5. Orange Crush V6
Climb the twin vertical seams right of "Blacksmith".

6. Orange Juice V1 SDS
Up the scoopy face 2m right of Orange Crush. Feels steeper than it looks.

7. Orangina V2
Slightly harder, less aesthetic climb up blank bulginess just right of Orange Juice.

8. Orange You Glad It's Over V1
Up the unpleasant crack on the right.