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Dover - White Trash Area

1. Horizontal Matter V10
Starts on ledge 5' right of "White Trash". Tiny Crimps to the lip then getting your feet to the lip - Whoa. Exit out crack. Variation out White Trash. As the myth goes this was a flash onsight FFA by the mythical character Tim Doyle. 

2. White Trash V7
Great compression roof problem to difficult lip transition. Start on slots on the back wall of the roof, go out roof then TO corner. This problem has so much intricate beta. You would be lucky to do it without known beta. (FA Nick Sagar 2002) 

2a. Horizontal Transform V11
Start on horizontal matter and link into white trash (FA Ben Blakney 2011)

2b. White Trash Matters V11
Start on white trash and link into horizontal matter (FA Ben Blakney 2011)

3. Tourist Attraction V6 SDS
Starts on low holds with block in for feet. Out roof to ledge and TO slab.
3b. Tourist Trash V10 SDS
Start on Tourist Attraction traverse thin seam and exit out White Trash. (FA Ben Blakney 2010)

4. Highway 101 V2
Up crack with injury potential.

5. One Way Street V4
Up slopey rails. Don't fall.

6. Fear Factor V2
Excellent and scary. Make sure you can on-sight V2 100% of the time. Even then it's crumbly so you still might die.

8. Pebbles V3
Up face opposite of I heel good.

9. I Heel Good V8 SDS
Start on low crimps in cave and climb out seam. Broken hold at the lip has increased the difficulty somewhat especially for shorter people. Kneepad would help.

9.5 I Heel Pebbles V11 
A compression line under I heel good and pebbles. Its starts right hand on a slopy side pull and left hand compressing the bottom left of the fridge feature. You compress your way over and up the fridge and finish left on the fin of I heel good. (FA Paul Denzler 2016)

10. Our American Brothers V3  
Jump start to sloper on lip. It used to have a block underneath which help the start. Tricky.
Ken Goodman,
Aug 6, 2014, 11:19 PM