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Grover - Main Loop

Green Jug Area

1. A Hard Goodbye V5 SDS
Two crimps to edge and up arete.

2. Dilemma V9
LH arete / RH jam start. Out roof and high TO. (FA by G. Losier 2004)

3. Green Beans V4 SDS
Sit under Green Jug and go up to it. Boulder on the left is out.

4. Green Jug V4 SDS
Traverse right to left on small slots and edges to finish matched on big green jug.

5. Green Arete V6
Up arete.

6. Conan Cracks it Up V1
Up cracks.

7. One Shot One Kill V6
Start in crack, up edges, arete is in.

8. One Way Up V0
Go up short comer.

Wet Banana Boulder

This line is located on it's own small boulder adjacent to "Banana Warm-up"

9. Squeeze Job V5 SDS
From the low left corner, traverse lip to corner
and reach up high to TO.

10. Banana Warm-up V0 SDS
Traverse cave's steep lip.

11. Transitions V10/11
LH pinch arete/RH crimp large crystal on face outside corner. Excellent moves up tall corner. (FA G. Losier 2007) 

12. Wet Banana V7 SDS
Sit on rock, balance up face. Balancy!

Eskimo Games Boulder

13. Eskimo Games V4
Climb left arete using crimps on face and top out at high point. Bring a competent spotter to properly enjoy this quality problem. Variation arete climb the left side of the left arete. SDS V7 (FA Ben Blakney 2004)

14. Grover Warm-Up V0 SDS
Go up arete right or Eskimo Games on positive edges and jugs.

Elephant on my Back Boulder

15. Elephant On My Back V7
Up arete to delicate high finish. Does the topout feel like you have an elephant on your back? Rarely repeated.

16. Balls Deep V7
Jam, thrutch, and shuffle your way up the progressively widening crack to crux topout just when you're too tired to continue. Bring a change of undies.

17. JP's Bulge V4 SDS
Low start to small bulge and TO

18. Thin Man
Up super thin face.

10. Bulge Project
Up bulge 5' right of JP's Bulge.

Bring a brush for the area

20. Sean's Arete V0
Up arete.

21. Sean's Face V1
Up Face.

22/23. The Roach V3 SDS
Out short steep face,TO on right.

The Fine Line Area

25. The Fine Line V10 
Beautiful and captivating line up overhanging arete and face holds. (FA by Nick Sagar 2004). This line started as a V12 then downgraded to a V11 and new beta has started the rumor mill to give it a V10. Moral of the story is grading is full of holes. So climb for yourself because whoever you're pea-cocking around for they ain't watching. unlike this fella.

The back arete on Fine Line boulder.

26. Lichen Line V3
Climb up into rail and TO 

Sciences Feminines boulder

31. Sciences Feminines V9
Start with LH sidepull / RH crimp. Wicked crux! (FA by G.Losier 2004)

Yukon Cornelius Boulder

32. No Conscience V7
From low hold, up arete and high TO.

33. Yukon Cornelius V3
From gaston and undercling, step on and up into seam using tiny holds as needed. Very good climb.

34. Klondike V4
Start on rolling holds at lip 2m right of Yukon Cornelius and traverse left to top out as for Yukon.

35. Translate This V4
Begin as for Klondike, but go straight up the wretched and dirty slab.

Found on the opposite end of the Yukon Cornelius boulder

36. Scream V3
Up tall face on big holds, avoid barndooring to your death at the top if possible. Aesthetic and obvious.

The Pocket Problem Boulder

1. The Pocket Problem V5 SDS
Start with LH crimp / RH pocket. Big move to lip.

38. The Prow Project V?
Up high prow.

39. The Caboose V0 SDS
Use underclings and lip to traverse and TO left.

The Dry Shine Boulder

40. The Dry Shine V5 SDS
Start with LH arete / RH undercling. Up arete.

41. Cool Ass V6
Start with underclings. Fire out left to crimp then up.