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Grover - Grandfather Clock Area

1. Grandfather Clock SDS V5/6
From seated, pull on under bulging arete and make long toss up and right and climb straight up arete. Throw is hard.

2. Slab #0 V0
Crimp and high step your way up face to the left of Grandfather Clock.

3. Ideas Man V2
Use arete to climb up face. Feels tall.

4. Slabzilla V0
Up face opposite Lucky Lady using arete.

5. Lucky Lady V3
Enjoyable sequency climbing up face and arete.

6. Brian's Slab V3
Fantastic technical face climbing.

Located on the small boulder opposite Grandfather Clock.

7. Heartbreaker V9
Go up and right to crux top out. (FA G. Losier 2004, unrepeated)

8.  Slab #2 V0
An easy way to access the area above.

The following lines are located on the very large boulder located above "Heart Breaker". Can be accessed by walking around, climbing Slab#2 or stemming up "The Grouch"

10. The Grouch V8
Starting at the bottom of the hole, climb up using aretes to crux hand jam. (FA G. Losier 2004, unrepeated)

11. Booby Trap V2
Test your mettle on this high rolling slab. Fun with friends.

12. Hobbit Hole (not pictured) V3
Located in cave around back of the Booby Trap boulder. Start low in cave, climb out seam to crux mantle. Chicks dig it. Bring a chainsaw since a large tree has fallen on it.