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LOC - The Strip

The Strip is an inland south west facing outcrop of rock with plenty of shelter. It provides a warm place to climb in the winter.

0. Sir Richard Pump A Lot V2
Starting from jug on the left traverse the entire wall's lip.

1. Punch V2
Starting on small incuts, go up horizontals.

2. Skrunch V1 SDS
Starting from two incuts go up and right.

3. Greed V1
From right-facing ramp, move left then up.

4. Strip Tease V4

There is no tease here. Start as for Greed but go straight up.

5. In Your Face V0 SDS
Go up big flakes. Fun

Follow the outcrop left for 30 meters to find the next area.

7. Diamonds V2
From crimps go left.

8. Voices In My Head V2
From sloper go right.

9.Le Shralp
From incuts go left and TO as for Voices In My Head.

10.There Is No Spoon V6
Link into Le Shralp starting 5 feet right on a sloper.