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Winter Wind Table

The following table contains a reference for locating sheltered wintertime bouldering areas based on wind direction. It is under construction as the season progresses. Generally any temperature below 5C with winds > 15-20 kph - a sheltered area is highly desirable.


Common wind
  1. Aftermath (not NW)
  2. Legends of the fall
  3. Polly's Cove Warm-up
  4. Joey Ramone
Unfortunately the prevailing wind in NS is from the west and very few areas provide adequate shelter

  1. Some of Chebucto Head
  2. Pleasure Dome
  3. Rhinohide
  4. Joey Ramone
  5. TBW - Gamey Bird (most of TBW is deceptively exposed and very cold)
Generally Poor Choices

  1. Corn and Bung
  2. Nouveau Riche
  3. TBW (some exceptions)
  4. Heffalump

Generally Good Choices

  1. Owl's House
Very uncommon wind
  1. Grover



In the summer, wind is desirable because it dries the rock, removes humidity, and keeps the bugs at bay. Essentially the opposite of the desirable winter conditions. In the summer, higher wind speeds are desirable.