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Black River Lake - The Knoll

By far the best area within the boundaries of Black River Lake, in terms of volume, quality, access and conditions. The Knoll has taken some time to put together, and there is still plenty of room for more, here is a taste of what we have developed so far with more being sent every week. 

1. Chrome Dome - V1
Both hands on micro-crimp rail and bomber foot. Left hand up to sloper ledge and work your way up to the double finish......Its not over when you think it is!

2. Lord of The Tings - V3 SDS 
Tense those abs, lock in that heel hook and bump from the crimp to the glorious left hand. Slap up to the top and bust a gut on that mantle finish. Dosent it just sound lovely?! 

3. Finger Pitons - V4
Hands and feet on appropriate horizontal rails. Right hand up to crimp, left hand sloper arete and slap around for the high right rail...its there somewhere. (FA - Matt Coady - December 2012)

4. I am Jenn's Broken Foothold - V2 SDS
Both hands in the lower crack, bump to intermediate micro-crimp then solid left arete. Steezy beta uses right foot crossover to large crystal before powering to the top. But, like BK, you can have it your way. If you happened to bring your power gauntlet, go for the top just using the micro-crimp....V?

5. You Shall Not Pass - V7 SDS
Low-Ball heaven. Start as above but use improbable holds in the horizontal fault-line to gain access to the far right arete and finish as per "Undiscovered Frist". (FA - Jenn Wright - January 2013)

6. Undiscovered First - V2 SDS
Arete and halfway crimp, thats all you're getting. Figure it out.

7. Salty Dog - V1
Only good when its cold. Start on high left foot and arete only on the way up.

8. Faultie - V0
Nice warm up crack, bomber finish.

9. Nickels & Dimes - V1
Two sets of crimps, the first being the worst.

10. Pink Slip - V2 SDS

This is Nova Scotia after all, it wouldnt be a proper climbing area without a slopey lip traverse.

11. Glass Infused Bubblegum - V5
Starting on an impossibly thin crack, work your way up and out into the overhang and slap out an arete. High feet for a deadly mantle finish. Nails! (FA - Matt Coady - December 2012)

Plenty more to follow, stay tuned...