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Black Duck Run

Park just before the bridge over Black Duck Run on the ocean side in a gravel pullout (room for 3 vehicles). Walk over the bridge and head up the road for about 50m around the blind corner, cross the street into the woods and you're there. Often wet, but provides lots of cool beginner climbs. Passed over for years, Black Duck Run* offers a variety of climbing styles. 
(*Note: Formerly known as "Spim" area)

1. Webbed feet project V5? 
Climb blank vertical face gaining top of arching crack.

2. Foie gras V2? 
Grovel up the terrible narrow offwidth. About as pleasant as being force-fed.

3. Mother Plucker V0- 
Grovel up the terrible wider offwidth full of mud and moss. Not worth it.

3. Paddle Harder project V4? 
Scuttle along the slopey lip and into Black Duck Run. Looks great if you like terrible lip traverses, possibly reasonable if you use the back seam.

4. Duckface SDS V3 
Climb out the big roof crack.

5. Black Duck Run SDS V2 
Climb straight out of the cave on the biggest holds you can find. Excellent.

6. Cheeky SDS V3
Straight up the vertical crack.

7. Breadcrumbs V2
Up the slab around the corner to the left of Cheeky.