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Chebucto Head - Tsunami Area

1. Warm-Up Traverse V2
Start at the water, traverse up and left into Escape Corner

2. Tall Guy V4
From crimps, climb the high face. Don't use the lower left holds at the top.

P. L'Ame En Premier Project 
Original FA by V9 by Ghislain Losier 2003. This line is still possible, but so substantially harder it's a brand new project. Face holds only, arete is out.

4. Todd's Crimp Problem V3
Go straight up the first edges on the left side of Ziggy Stardust. 

5. Andy's Slopey Problem V3 
Traverse the lip left to right above Ziggy Stardust

6. Tsunami V8 
Start in broken corner and traverse left through technical sequence into kneebar rest, then continue left using powerful undercling moves to top out up the ramp. (FA Sean Cassidy 1999)

7. Imanust V9 SDS
Tsunami backwards. At least as good as Tsunami. (FA B. Smizzle 2006)

8. Not as Easy as You V2
Climb up the crack in the middle of Tsunami. Tricky topout.

9. Wavelet V8 LDS
Start on small left crimp and low right-hand sidepull and climb straight up through underclings (FA Ben Smith 2014)

Historical Interest

In 2017 the huge foot ledge vanished into the sea making the following problems impossible or so substantially harder, they would be project first ascents.

Ziggy Stardust V7 
Start on the left of slightly overhanging face and go right all the way into the corner. Gigantic foot ledge is in the whole way. Right-to-left variation is V8. If you're good at steep stuff this one is going to be irritating. ***

The Longer harder One V12
Extreme link involving Tsunami backwards, into Ziggy Stardust, up L'Ame En Premier (FA Ben Smith 2006)

The Long Hard One V11
Climb Warm-up Traverse, link into Ziggy Stardust right-to-left, link into Tsunami. NO SITTING IN THE CORNER ON THIS ONE TO TICK THE GRADE. (FA by Nick Sagar 2002)