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Good spot for mmm mmm kissin. Watch out for turds.

1. Corsican Brothers V0
Start with hands in crack below lip and climb arete. Dab fest.

2. Evil Twins V2
Start with both hands under-clinging and climb straight up. Just leave after this one and it won't be so bad...

3. Seeing Double V1 
Climb up left arete

4. Fishing girls SDS V5 
Use the low seam, two gross moves to lip.

5. Having Twins V3/4 
Traverse the top of the first boulder, transition and traverse the middle seam of the second boulder finish up "Corsican Brothers". Hard if you don't dab on the small boulder at the end.

6. Sang De Dragon V6
Start low on the obvious block hold, balancy move to crimps, then bump to jug and topout. 

7. Primordial Ooze V0 
Start sitting on lower boulder, up arete and flakes

8. Corn Flakes V2 SDS
Throw your way up razor sharp crimps on short face. 

9. Swamp Thing V0
Up crack between boulders then traverse along entire lip. Hard to pad.

10. Sean's Problem V2 SDS
Sit start as for "Winnebago Etiquette" and go left asking yourself why...

11. Winnebago Etiquette V6 SDS 
Sit start bulge, slap your way along featureless lip to far end of boulder. Not pretty. 

12. Pond Scum V6 
Start with hands on either side of large flake, big right hand move to crumbly, sharp sloper below lip. Height dependant. Bring a tarp and extra skin. Hardest problem at prospect, previously sandbagged as a V4, still a turd though.

13. Ribbit V5
Start matched on pinch in front of face, get feet up high, slap lip to crux rolling topout.

14. You Don't Have the Nuts V1

Start around left side of arete, use big left foot, and climb arete/face to crux slopey topout.

15. Back Breaker V0  
Heel hook traverse. I guess. 

18. Arm Bar V2
Climb the short face 10 feet left of arete. Previously a star worthy problem. Rock has moved in the way - maybe in time...

16. Center Deck SDS V3 
Hard sit start using tiny feet. Up thin holds on face.

17. Middle Deck SDS V1 
Crack is in for left hand, climb up. Use big block for a foot at your discretion - gives it that standing on the ground feel.

20. See Weed V1 - V7
Feet under slab, grab flake in your face, and climb up. Many potential variations. All of them suck.

21. Back Slapper V3
Starting with hands on the slopey lip, traverse across to the beginning of Back Breaker. Because all lips must be traversed at Prospect. Worst named climb in Nova Scotia.

22. Watch Your Back V0
Climb up choss to perfect corner crack. Tallest line at prospect.

23. Cave Man V0
Inside the cave to the left of the corner, climb up the face to top out.

24. Debbie Does Dynos V2 
Using the first ledge for hands and feet reach straight up to the face above. Grabbing the small flakes below the second ledge traverse left about five feet where you will find some small holds substantial enough to make a throw for the ledge. Continue by topping out. Big boulder has moved since line was established and is now in play for the landing. Any problem that needs a paragraph to describe the rules is definitely a turd.

25. Center Toe Jam V4 
Start on big holds in middle of roof, reach straight out to vertical seam at lip, climb straight up. Popular because we don't have many roofs... but would be better if you weren't standing on the ground.

26. Left Toe Jam V3 
Start under roof to the left, climb up to ledge using big holds (without using giant foot ledge continuous with start feet) then do contrived top-out up thin seam, ignoring the fact you can easily exit to either side on huge jugs.

27. Puddle Puzzle V3 
On the boulder to the right of Center Toe Jam, sit start with left in crack and right on arete. Move up using arete and holds on the face around the corner to a good topout. 
(FA by Rachel MacLean, July 2019)

Not Pictured

The following lines are of exceedingly poor quality and are included for historical interest.

28. Swamp Hole V0
About 8 ft left of the roof area is a small swamp hole. Above the swamp hole is a small triangular roof. Using the right face of the roof, climb to the top.

29. Fist Jam V0
A fist sized crack runs under the roof. Start by jamming this crck and follow it out over the roof. Climb the arete to the top.

30. Short Corner V0
To the left of Fist Jam. Climb the inside corner.

31. Short Arete V0
To the left of Short Corner is a slabby arete with small features. Climb it to the top.

32. Short Face V0
Also continuing left of Short Arete is a short face. Climb it.

33. Warm-Up Boulder V0
This is a great spot to warm up by traversing. Some fun variations can be made by eliminating the small ledges for your feet.

34. Stem Warm-Up V0
Start on the slabby bouders to the left of the warm-up, traverse down them and then stem across and finish on the Warm-Up Boulder.

35. Slap Me, Spank Me V0
Between the warm-up problem and Mantle Mama is a small triagular boulder, sit start using only the ledge on the boulder itself for your feet. Kinda' contrived, but fun.

36. Mantle Mama V0
Down from the warm-up boulder is a small roof just high enough to get your body under. Start with your feel under and your hands on the lip of the ledge.