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West Pennant - Shaw Cove

1. The Bible Pimp V 4/5
Great moves straight up the vertical crack at the highest point on the wall. Scary at the top! FA Ben Smith 2012

2. A Dope Trailer is No Place For A Kitty Direct V6 
Straight up. (FA Ben Smith 2012) Var. Extension - a lower stand start using crimps is possible for shorter climbers and adds 2-3 interesting moves (FA Mike Kohler 2013)

3. A Dope Trailer is No Place For a Kitty SDS V6 
Starts sitting in the third crack, transitions across face into higher crack on the left to top out. (FA Ben Smith 2012)

4. Dirty Crack V3 
Climb straight up the 3rd crack right of "The Bible Pimp"

P. Blank Face Project V12+
Straight up tall face to the left of "The Bible Pimp". Hard to Impossible - Smizz project.
This unique boulder is located perched high on the side of a granite done, use extreme caution on the top - it is not flat and very high! 

5. Pareidolia SDS V7 
Sit start and go straight up arete. Wonderful climb. (FA Ben Smith 2012)

6. Inductive Coupler V5 
Start standing on left hand side pull, work feet up, big move to high right sloper. Careful topping out!

P. Balanced Diet V4
Up thin slab. (FA Adam Benjamin 2013)

Human House Boulder 6 - 10 obvious lines waiting to be done...